Gaia Boost Plus

Food Source for: Gaia Complex Tea Plus, Gaia Fungal Digester + Gaia Mycortex Soluble

Gaia Boost Plus is a microbial food source and bio-stimulant containing fulvic and amino acids, complex carbohydrate derived from fermented molasses with added minerals, plus macro and micro nutrients and is used as a partner product for Gaia Microbes. The incorporation of organic matter into soil is primarily a good thing, but if the soil is microbialdeficient (nearly all are) and we are applying a large amount of difficult to break down lignum, then the soil just cannot efficiently break down these difficult carbon products without additional microbes. Gaia Fungi are the specialist lignum decomposers whose primary function is to break down plant lignum. Gaia Boost Plus provides these microbes with available carbohydrate and a nitrogen source to fuel their systems.


5 – 20lts/ha

Gaia Boost is a high-quality food source for all Gaia Soluble Microbes

Pack Size

20lts, 200lts, 600lts, 1000lts