Gaia Complex Tea Plus

Soil, Compost and Foliar Inoculant

A range of soluble powders containing cultures of over twenty micro-organisms in the correct balance to re-populate the turf, soil and particularly the rootzone. Gaia Complex Tea contains a consortium of beneficial bacteria and fungi, which will work in harmony with plants, lessen the chances of establishment of pathogens and improve their immune defense mechanisms.

Gaia Complex Tea is a highly concentrated culture of over 20 strains of micro-organisms in proper ratio to repopulate the soil and foliage and to re-establish balanced bioactivity. The blend includes Bacillus strains such as B Subtilis and B Mageterium together with Rhizobia, Azotobacter (nitrogen fixers), Sacchoromyces and other natural strains. Also contains nitrogen fixing and phosphate stabilising bacteria. There are no pathogens or harmful organisms present.

A healthy biologically active soil is the foundation for quality turf.
Bacterial micro-tilling allows for deeper root penetration and better use of applied nutrients.
Better rooting and more robust plant resulting in improved resistance to disease and stress.
Better soil structure and oxygen availability reduces the chances of anaerobic conditions.
High biological activity of desirable microbes both in the soil and on the foliage lessens the chances for establishment of pathogens.
Nitrogen fixation can allow for reduced nutrient applications.
Solubilises locked up phosphate.


Soil Treatment / Soluble Formulation 1kg/ha

GAIA Complex Tea Plus (Brewing) Add 1lt of GAIA Boost Plus to 400lts of brew.

Low rate:​​​​​500gms/400lts/ha

Medium rate:​​​​​750gms/400lts/ha

Normal rate:​​​​​1kg/400lts/ha

Apply with GAIA Boost Plus as a food source

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