Gaia Organic Chelate

Gaia Organic Chelate is a new revolutionary product containing pure fulvic acid at high concentrations extracted from a natural organic mineral source. Gaia Organic Chelate is a natural chelator of all minerals passing them into and around plants more easily.

Research proves that fulvic acid closes plant stomata and reduces transpiration dramatically therefore reducing irrigation requirements by as much as 50% High levels of fulvic acid within the plant cells improves growth in low light conditionsand is ideal for early and late season use. Fulvic acid improves the performance of all liquid feeds by moving them into and around the plant more effectively. Liquid feeds last up to 30% longer where fulvic acid is mixed with them prior to application.

Trace elements are much more effectively moved into and around the plant when mixed with Gaia Organic Chelate. This gives a more rapid response and faster correction of any deficiencies. Gaia Organic Chelate improves the performance of turf fungicides and increases their efficacy and longevity by up to 30%. Fulvic acid dramatically thickens all plant cell walls not only leaf stomata and therefore the plant is physically less susceptible to disease. Due to the strengthening of the plant cell wall, growth becomes more upright and turgid resulting in a cleaner cut in turf grasses.


5lts/ha – 20lts/ha

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