Gaia Sea-X

Cold Physical Extraction Liquid Seaweed Extract

Natural and organic product, harvested from clean and clear, nutrient packed rich waters, using a sustainable management plan.  No machines are used in harvesting to ensure sustainability of the local ecosystem.

Full of natural and vital trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, auxins, gibberellins cytokines, and plant growth hormones.

Seaweed Extract contains 0.25% preservative.

Easy to apply – dilute up to 30 times with water.  Product has been filtered, and can be applied through watering cans and commercial sprayers.

Liquid seaweeds can be tank mixed with all mineral liquid and soluble fertilisers and will enhance their effects on nutrient uptake

Seaweeds are an excellent food source to applied biology and should be added directly to the sprayer prior to every application of teas, fungi and bacteria

Application Rate For Turf: 5lt/ha to 15lt/ha