NemaTrident®L Autumn

NemaTrident®L (Autumn) is a highly effective insect pest control for leatherjackets – crane fly larvae – which feed on grassroots. Used as part of our unique Tri-Component System, NemaTrident®L (Autumn) provides 70-90% kill rate – making it the most effective and flexible product during Autumn



NemaTrident®L (Autumn) contains the entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) (steinernema carpocapsae). EPNs exhibit highly virulent traits, which ensure fast and effective control of their target pest. We have identified the most effective nematode that targets early-stage leatherjackets to provide you with the best control.

NemaTrident®L (Autumn) application alongside Nemaspreader® – our biocompatible wetting agent – will help facilitate nematode dispersal through the soil to effectively find and kill the leatherjackets.

Our specialist advice offers key guidance on how to store the nematodes, suggests effective application methods to get the nematodes direct to your target pest and advices when best to apply the nematodes at the most vulnerable stage of the pest lifecycle.

This product can also be effective against the following pests:

  • Leatherjackets (tipula paludosa/t.oleracea)
  • Mole crickets (gryllotalpa gryllotalpa)
  • Cutworms (agrotis species)

Available in for different treatment areas:

  • 50 million (100sqm)
  • 250 million (500sqm)
  • 500 million (1000sqm)


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