RAIN BIRD™ 752B Block Rotor Full/Part Circle

RAIN BIRD™ 752B Block, full and part circle 1” ACME rotor

Rain Bird Block Rotors
Flexible, Time-Saving Benefits
Rain Bird block rotors are designed for the harsh conditions encountered in golf applications. Engineered for precise application and distribution uniformity, Rain Bird block rotors help you get the most from your water source. With intelligent, easy-to-use features like a top-serviceable design and quick full- or part-circle adjustments, Rain Bird golf rotors help you and your crew save time every week.The Rainbird 752B is a block Golf rotor, meaning it does not have an internal solenoid valve (compared with the 752E). Therefore, it is designed to operate with a solenoid valve at the back of the green that might operate 2 or more sprinklers at once. It is designed for medium sized golf greens, with its large flat surface so it’s easy to find. It can be altered from part-circle (irrigating the green) to full circle (irrigating the surrounds too) and back again with a flick of a screwdriver. With throws from 6 to 25.6 metres radius it is one of the most popular greens sprinklers in the world, and for justifiable reasons.