Rain Bird 952 ICM

RAIN BIRD™ 952 ICM (5,5 Bar), full and part circle rotor ACME 1”½, fitted with ICM module – Standard nozzle: 60 – AVAILABLE Q4 2023 –

Rain Bird 952 Series Rotors. Two Rotors in One. The all new Rain Bird 952 Series Rotor provides better performance, simplicity and convience in our most innovative and robust rotor yet. Performance: The self-adjusting stator automatically modifies flow to control rotation speed, optimizing performance and providing consistent rotation speed.
Simplicity: Rapid-Adjust Technology allows arc adjustments with the turn of a screw, with MemoryArc® shift between full- and part-circle operation in seconds.
Convenience: Reduce your inventory with a rotor that does the work of two. Radius 70’ – 101’ (21.3m – 31.8m). Arc Full-circle 360°, Adjustable 30° to 345°.