4-0-3 + 2% Fe + Micros

GRIGG™ Ultraplex® is a proprietary and sophisticated combination of liquid macro and micronutrients, plant and root promoting stimulators, a buffering agent, and plant and soil wetting agents.

Ultraplex Advantages
• An effective non-ionic organic surfactant.
• Enhances response of fertilizers and can improve efficiency of plant protectants and plant growth regulators.
• Effective water buffering agent designed to resist large changes in spray tank pH.
• Provides healthy color and combats stress.
• Use Ultraplex with plant growth regulator programs for better color and improved uptake.
• Now contains magnesium, increased kelp content and additional plant stimulators.

Application and Use
Apply at a rate of 2.5 – 5.0 gal/ha.