TurfCare Virtual Roadshow 2021

Day 1

Dr Minshad Ansari

First up on Day 1 we had Dr Minshad Ansari join us with some great advice on how to deal with pests. The CEO of Bionema presents his talk ‘Biological Control of soil pests in sports turf’. A great way to kick off the TurfCare Virtual Roadshow 2021

Mr Jimmy Sandison

Day 1 of the Turfcare Virtual Roadshow 2021 continues with Jimmy Sandison, Golf Sales Manager Rainbird Irrigation talks to us about ‘The expectation of the Greenkeeping Team. Water management for Turf & Technologies to support the industry. Irrigation Maintenance Practices’

Mr Greg Moore

The final session on Day 1 of the Turfcare Virtual Roadshow 2021 welcomes Mr Greg Moore, from the Plant Food Co. Greg speaks to us about ‘Using Soil Test results to improve Soil Chemistry & Nutrient Availability. Learn more about unique MAT Acid Technology’

Day 2

Mr Nick Gadd

Mr Nick Gadd from RhizoSolutions joins us to start off Day 2 with some details – Who is RhizoSolutions?

Mr Tom Malehorn & Mr Nick Gadd

Nick Gadd returns for the second talk on Day 2 and is joined by International Turf Consultant Tom Malehorn. Today’s talk is on surfactants entitled ‘Fairway Water Management: How do surfactants effect water use efficiency? Latest research’

Mr Cale Bigelow

We are delighted to be joined by Mr Cale Bigelow, Professor at Purdue University, on Day 2 of the TurfCare virtual Roadshow 2021. Cale delivers a facinating presentation here, entitled – Winter Water Management: What is the agronomic benefit of Dew Management? Can surfactants improve turf resilicence under wet conditions?

Dr Mike Fidanza

Dr Mike Fidanza, Professor of Plant & Soil Science at Penn State University is nect up with – Disease Management (Dollor Spot, Fairy Ring, Microdochium) How might surfactants be utilised in disease management programs ? Research update.

Dr Stan Kostka

Dr Stan Kostka, Visiting Scientist/Scholar at Penn State & President of RhizoSolutions joins us to round out Day 2 with his talk – Greens Water Management: What do surfactants do? What’s happening in the rhizosphere (underground) and what does it mean to me? Dr Stan will discuss the latest research.

Day 3

Mr Steve McDonald

Mr Steve McDonald, Owner of Turfgrass Disease Solutions joins it at the start of Day 3 to discuss fertiliser use, specifically ‘Cultural Practices & Fertilizer Applications Impacts on Anthracnose & Dollor Spot Diseases’

Dr John Dempsey

Dr John Dempsey, one of the country’s foremost Turf Researchers, joins us on Day 3 to deliver his presentation – ‘Non-Pesticidal Disease Management: Nutritional Programs for Disease Control & Enhanced Turf Quality’

Mr Paul Fabry

As Day3 continues we are delighted to bring to you the President of Plant Food Systems, Mr Paul Fabry with ‘The 3rd Generation of Phosphite (Disease) protection: Polyphosphite30 compared to other Phosphites. Whats the difference? Paul explains the unique advantges of PolyPhosphite30′

Mr Greg Moore

Mr Greg Moore from the Pjlant Food Company is back on Day 3 to bring us another insightful chat. This time the topic is ‘Managing Wilt, Reducing Stress from Sodium, Frost Recovery, increasing chlorophyll with Green T Impulse’

Day 4

Mr Barry Doherty

We get things rolling on Day 4 with Barry Doherty, Director of C-BIO and his presentation on ‘The benefits of using Cold Pressed Seaweeds to Manage Plant Health & Stress’

Mr Nick Durkin

Mr Nick Durkin, from Soil Scout Wireless Sensors joins us as Day 4 continues to speak about getting data from the soil – ‘Using Wireless Sensors to make strategic agronomic decisions “if your soils could talk what would they say’

Mr Lew Sharp

Our Virtual Roadshow comes to a close as Lew Sharp, Golf Course Consultant and Tee 2 Green Agronomist takes us through his presentation – ‘Using the Correct Bentgrass Cultivars for Today’s Environment (UK & Irish Climate)’


The TurfCare Virtual Roadshow 2021 was another massive success with fascinating insight from some of the leading names in the turf industry. We have some more exclusive content from the roadshow also available. If you would like to view, please get in touch with your local TurfCare contact to get access to these exclusive talks from the other experts that took part.