Flowering Margin mix


Best suited to medium/high fertility sites

  • 100% flowering species
  • Ideal for field margins or meadows
  • Can be wrapped into bales or hay after flowering
  • Economical option with a huge environmental return

Sowing rate:

1 gram per mt2

1 kg pack covers ¼ acre.


Butterfly and Bumblebee


Best suited to low fertility sites

  • 50% fine non-aggressive grasses
  • 50% Flowering species
  • Grasses provide the Habitat
  • Flowers provide the Nectar
  • Ideal for meadow creation, banks, wasteground

Sowing rate

6 kg per acre

1 kg per 700 sq mt


Colour Boost Carnival


A stunning celebration of bright and bold annuals

Designed to create a robust and attractive display in any park, public open space or golf course. This flower mixture will provide a dazzling annual display. Quick to establish with a long flowering period from 8 weeks after sowing up until the first frosts.

Sowing Rate: 3-5g/m2


Colour Boost Floral Carpet



Lower growing annuals to recreate a summer meadow

Lower growing seasonal annuals mixture, designed to create a robust and attractive display in areas where final growing height is of paramount importance. This is particularly relevant when sowing near visibility splays and sight lines on road junctions. This lower growing mixture will provide rich blooms throughout the season, perfect for enhancing any street scene. Quick to establish with a long flowering period from 8 weeks after sowing up until the first frosts.

Sowing Rate: 3-5g/m2


Colour Boost Skyscraper


Light the sky with high impact taller growing species

A taller growing mixture containing classics such as Cosmos and Zinnia. Created for areas where a larger or more open surrounding environment requires a taller growing mixture to deliver the same impact. The taller more robust nature of this mixture also provides fantastic shelter and a habitat for small mammals, invertebrates and pollinating insects.

Sowing Rate: 3-5g/m2


Colour Boost Biodiversity


Deliver colour and life with this important mix for wildlife

Seasonal Annuals, Biennials and Perennials designed to attract a host of varied fauna including pollinating insects. The composition of species that give colour the first year. The composition of species is wide and ensures a good adaptability to different growing conditions. The colour scheme of the mix changes during the season depending on which species are in bloom at the time.

Sowing Rate: 3-5g/m2


Colour Boost Honey Bee & Butterfly



A mix of flowering species popular with pollinators

Designed specifically with key pollinators in mind, a really attractive mixture doing a vital job in providing a nectar source for our bee population and other pollinating insects. This mixture will provide a spectacular display in year 1 with species such as Foxglove and Sweet William flowering in year 2 if the mixture is left.

Sowing Rate: 3-5g/m2


Colour Boost Blush


Annuals to appeal to the heart, in tones of roses & red

Pale pinks through to deep reds, Blush provides a beautifully warm mix of flowers from this colour palette. Designed for great succession flowering from late spring through to well into the autumn.

Sowing Rate: 3-5g/m2


Colour Boost Classical


A regal mix of beautiful blues and wonderful whites

Deep blues through to pure whites gives this trusted colour combination an everlasting appeal. This mixture works especially well in a more formal setting, or providing the transition between a formal and informal landscape.

Sowing Rate: 3-5g/m2


Colour Boost Chameleon



Ever-changing mix for bold colour throughout the season

 A brilliantly diverse mixture of over 40 species and subspecies providing a fantastic range of colours and forms. This mixture is constantly changing throughout the growing season. Summer Chameleon has been a consistent performer on our trial grounds giving a fantastic show throughout the season.

Sowing Rate: 3-5g/m2


Colour Boost Poppy


The epitome of remembrance and reflection

Creating an evocative image in drifts of bright red. Whether it’s just for show or creating a display to remember those hero’s no longer with us, the simple poppy makes a great choice. Poppy can often do best if autumn sown.

Sowing Rate: 3-5g/m2