Mobile-First Irrigation Control System

CirrusPRO lets you go with the flow while keeping control. That means you can securely adjust your irrigation in real-time from the office, on the course, at home — wherever you are, on any device. Go beyond the limitations of other irrigation management systems and choose the system that lets you be fluid.


More Freedom
Run your course from anywhere on any device.
Complete Control
Program your irrigation your way.
Better Data
Feel confident and irrigate with precision.


AJ Pursley, Superintendent, Whispering Pines Golf Club, TX
“Using CirrusPRO, it’s nice to be able to log in from anywhere in the country, whether it’s from a cell phone, an iPad or any home computer.”
Andy Ewence, Course Manager, Woking Golf Club
“We have a great relationship with Rain Bird. There’s a friendly, almost family feel to our partnership. Nothing’s ever too much trouble and they are always in contact and communicating with us. The best aspect is being able to log-in from anywhere in the world. I know that any one of my staff can do the same and that really takes the pressure off. You literally have everything you need in your hand. That’s total peace of mind.”
Matt Aplin, Course Manager, Goring & Streatley Golf Club
“The new CirrusPRO brings real 21st century evolution to the way the system can now be accessed, operated and monitored. The ability to access the entire software from anywhere using a mobile phone or tablet, as well as super simplicity of use, is what sets this apart from any other software I have seen. My team has also been able to use it far more freely whilst out on the course than ever before. “
Barry Neville, Course Manager, Stanmore Golf Club
“CirrusPRO is a huge step forward. The mobile version is amazing as there’s so much information available to you. You have the mapping on a mobile device following you around the course. The amount of information you can access is quite phenomenal; it’s very powerful. You can troubleshoot and update the system by being in the field. It’s so much easier and simpler. “