Gaia Liquid O₂+

Highly Effective Biostimulant

This liquid product comprises a range of metallic salts (mainly nitrates) plus some urea to give a stable final product with a pH of 7 and a total final nitrogen content of approx. 40%.

Although the technology of the product is well established, this particular formulation has been shown to be highly effective in creating aerobic conditions in waterlogged, compacted or other anaerobic environments.

Mode of Action

The components of the product have a high number of oxygen atoms per molecule – these oxygen atoms are released in an ionic form by soil microbial activity, thus creating an aerobic environment where physical aeration may be impossible.


The product has been shown to be a highly effective biostimulant and its stimulation of soil biota has been shown to improve natural soil aeration and decompaction in a number ofdifferent soils and rootzones.

The product has been shown to amplify the effect of added nutrients and biology when used as both a foliar and soil treatment.


In most soil applications, the inorganic oxygen released can be expected to last up to fourweeks with the effects of any decompaction or reversal of anaerobic conditions lasting considerably longer, depending on their initial cause.


2lts-5lts/ha. Dilution rate 300-400lts/ha.

Pack Size