GAIA Mycortex S

Soluble Mycorrhizal inoculant

Mycortex S is a Mycorrhizal consortium as a soluble powder. This soluble form makes the product very versatile in its use as a seed dressing being applied to very small seeds. Mycortex S can be applied at drilling as a spray via specialist drill applicators to seeds and the immediate environment around the seed. It is a versatile product that has many applications and formats to improve the seed/soil/root link with all the benefits discussed below.

The word mycorrhizae literally means ‘fungus root’ and defines the intimate relationship between plant roots and specialized soil fungi. Nearly all the worlds land plants form some type of mycorrhizal relationship – you might ask if these associations are natural and have been developing for millions of years why do we need to apply them, and shouldn’t they be in the soil already?

Mycorrhizae form very fine hyphae, which move throughout the soil profile to connect different plant root systems. They are very delicate to soil movement. It has been shown in natural forest systems, which are highly fungal in nature that if they are ploughed or severely worked up to 90% of the fungal hyphae can be destroyed in any one pass. Agricultural soils have been heavily cultivated for many decades; fungi are very hard to find in these soil systems at all! A very important part of the ‘soil food web’ is missing

Mycorrhizal fungi have shown to help plants acquire mineral nutrients from the soil, especially immobile elements such as P, Zn, and Cu, but also more mobile ions such as S, Ca, K, Fe, Mg, Mn, Cl and Nitrogen. What is so special about this treatment is that it is cumulative for the life of the crop – what seed dressing or fertilizer can offer these advantages!

• Physically improves texture of the soil around roots, either by separating clay platelets or byclumping sand particles

• Significantly increases rooting and enhances nutrient availability and uptake

• Crops will require substantially less fertilizing and irrigation

• Supports other beneficial soil organisms, such as valuable nutrient fixing bacteria

• Significantly increases soil carbon – builds soil organic matter biologically

• Increased stress tolerance to the plant, especially in drought prone and high salt soils

• Plant roots will be better protected from soil pathogens

• Highly cost effective at today’s fertiliser prices

• Long term soil improvement, a more sustainable way to manage soil

• Carries on working and building root/plant connections for the life of the crop


Apply 500grams per hectare as a dry mix to seed or mix with water for spray application to seeds, soil or apply to seed through a seed cleaner as a seed dressing.

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