Gaia Fungal Digester

Fungal based inoculant

Gaia Fungal Digester is a fungal based inoculant, comprising of Phanerocheate sp Geomycessp and Trichoderma sp, which are specialist decomposers of difficult to breakdown lignums.

Many soils are highly deficient in beneficial fungi, with poor organic matter, high soil chemical residues and anaerobic soil conditions; fungal hyphae are very easily destroyed. Turf with high thatch content can act as a reservoir for disease and therefore adding a specialist lignum degrader helps dramatically in the process of digestion and recycling of nutrients. Anaerobic organisms convert inorganic forms of nitrogen (N), sulphur (S) or phosphorous (P) into gases. N, S, and P can be converted into volatile gases, releasing nutrients into the atmosphere. The action of these microbes on organic matter produces by-products of alcohols, acids, phenols and formaldehyde. It takes just 1 ppm to kill any root cell, and these conditions can easily produce 18-25 ppm. We are, in effect, inhibiting the rooting process of the turf.

Gaia Fungal Digester supplies beneficial fungi which degrade thatch promoting a healthier turf. Benefits will be a healthier soil with less harmful pathogens resulting in less disease activity.  This will create an environment where beneficial fungi and bacteria have a higher ratio to harmful bacteria.

Improving the health of the soil promotes a healthier plant containing more defensive mechanisms against disease. More oxygen will be present in the soil due to more pore spaces and the additional oxygen will prevent anaerobic conditions occurring. With less thatch present, water movement through the soil profile will be increased.


Soil Treatment / Soluble Formulation 1kg/ha

GAIA Fungal Digester (Brewing) Add 1lt of GAIA Boost Plus to 400lts of brew.

Low rate:​​​​​500gms/400lts/ha

Medium rate:​​​​​750gms/400lts/ha

Normal rate:​​​​​1kg/400lts/ha

Apply with GAIA Boost Plus as a food source

Pack Size: 1kg